Real-time Data Updates to Amazon Redshift Data Warehouse Service in the Cloud

June 30, 2014

Image_Real-time Data Updates in the Cloud

For businesses capitalizing on the value and flexibility of Amazon Web Services (AWS), you now have an easy solution to move and update your corporate data to Amazon’s Redshift data warehouse service – further extending your database capabilities to data warehouse analytics in the Cloud! DBMoto® v8, the leading business solution for real-time data updates between heterogeneous databases, can now provide batch updates and real-time data replication from on-premise databases to Amazon Redshift as well as to Oracle®, Microsoft® SQL Server™ and MySQL™ databases running in an AWS environment.

Amazon Redshift is a fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse service in the cloud. DBMoto provides data uploads and ongoing, real-time updates to Redshift data using Change Data Capture.  Using Redshift, you can quickly and economically extract value from your large data sets. With the combination of DBMoto and Redshift, you can avoid manual data uploads and keep reporting and analytics continuously up-to-date with fresh data. For businesses taking advantage of Amazon Cloud solutions, DBMoto + Redshift is a winning combination!


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