[Customer Story] Neptune Orient Lines

December 19, 2014

Neptune Orient Lines (NOL) is one of the largest logistics companies in the world and recently streamlined their Legal & Management Reporting processes including Legal Consolidation, Management Consolidation, Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting processes using SAP BPC on HANA.

Colin Teo, Head, GMAR & ELP Office, explains the challenges faced, how they overcame these challenges and the key benefits achieved.

Video Transcription

My name is Colin Teo, I'm the department head for management, accounting and reporting at NOL, which is a global shipping and logistics company, headquartered in Singapore, and we are a CPM Consulting, BackOffice Associates customer. 

CPM has helped us in streamlining our legal and management consolidation and reporting processes by implementing a unified solution using SAP Business Planning and Consolidation. 

CPM designed and integrated a solution that seamlessly integrates BPC with SAP ECC and other legacy systems to load required source systems data. Financial accounts and management accounts are now integrated to avoid redundant posting of group adjustments and we now have a single source of adjustments for financial and management accounts. This helps ensure that data in both accounts are in sync. 

CPM also automated most of the manual activities to minimize user intervention for data processing. With this, my team can spend more time on data analysis and reporting, rather than data collection and processing. 

Before we engaged CPM, we tried implementing an older version of BPC, using services of one of the big five vendors. Unfortunately, the project did not meet our expectations, and had to be stopped mid-way.

When we re-embarked on this initiative, a key evaluation criteria for us were the expertise and the experience of a vendor in implementing similar projects and a project success rate.

We chose CPM because they specialize in Enterprise Performance Management and have developed many projects successfully in the region.

We had a few questions before we started this project: What was the gap between the existing processes using current tools versus what we want in the to-be world? How would the product meet our requirements? What would be the best rollout approach? Should we go out with a phased approach or a big bang? 

So we engaged CPM to begin an EPM Assessment to address these questions. CPM did a comprehensive assessment and came up with a requirements document, possible rollout approaches with an options analysis and a brief solution overview based on the proposed processes. 

We now have one system to report on our actuals, as well as budget and forecast information. 

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