[Customer Story] Unipart Rail UK Limited

November 1, 2012

Unipart Rail UK Limited is the leading supplier of replacement components in the UK Traction and Rolling Stock aftermarket, managing and supplying a comprehensive range of products from major repairable components, from bogies, wheel sets and engines to consumable components such as brake pads, hoses, filters and lubricating oils.

Unipart Rail handles over 600 accredited suppliers and a product range comprising around 50,000 products held in stock at Doncaster with a daily delivery service to some 90 customer maintenance depots throughout the UK as well as regular shipments to international customers. Unipart Rail uses Quadrate in major uploads associated with new business, such as in forecasting function and in the production of period end reports.

Unipart Rail originally purchased Quadrate to ease the integration of new business. In 2001 Unipart Rail won a major contract to supply the maintenance firm for a UK train operating company. Unipart Rail became responsible for supplying all the parts required to keep the trains running.

The rolling stock was a new type for Unipart Rail. Integrating the new business involved uploading to SAP the new maintenance contract, thousands of new master materials, new parts, thousands of new supplier relationships and the associated new accounts, accounting and control of materials.

Key IT and Business Challenges

  • Avoid manual entry when integrating the new business, which involved thousands of new master materials, parts, suppliers and more

Highlighted Benefits

  • Brought huge savings in training, resources and cost
  • Updated master data for new business
  • Forecasted exceptions for materials that needed attention
  • Provided quicker turnaround for period end finance reports

Why BackOffice Associates?

  • Quadrate had the speed, efficiency and ease of use that was needed to integrate a new business
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