[Customer Story] Bentley

April 30, 2013

Think of luxury, and you think of Bentley. It produces British sporting grand tourers that are not only beautiful but also exhilarating to drive.

Bentley uses SAP to support their business. There is a permanent need to add and change data held in SAP. In car assembly, there are many different components, and changes to an assembly could require changes in excess of 6,000 SAP records. At the time, data was uploaded either manually or through ABAP scripts.

The ability for SAP to react quickly to changes in the business was impaired by the complexities and time needed to change SAP data. There was also a real financial loss in terms of time and resource expenditure required to get the job done.

Key IT and Business Challenges

  • Manual uploads or through ABAP scripts impaired SAP's ability to react to changes in Bentley's business

Highlighted Benefits

  • With Quadrate the time taken to work with SAP data is significantly reduced, freeing up technical resources to work on other core activities.
  • Using Quadrate, the data in SAP is up-to-date and accurate. Decisions made on data held within SAP are made with complete information.

Why BackOffice Associates?

  • Bentley required a toolset that would allow them to manipulate their SAP data quickly, securely and in a controlled manner. They needed a solution that would give them the flexibility to work freely with a variety of transactions and that would reduce the technical skills needed to work with their data. By using Quadrate, they were able to do that and more.
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