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  • Quadrate - A Simple Solution for Loading to SAP

    Quadrate - A Simple Solution for Loading to SAP

    Quadrate software for fast and easy data loading into SAP

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  • Information Governance Solutions for GDPR Compliance

    Information Governance Solutions for GDPR Compliance

    A solution tailored to your unique business environment and compliance needs.

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  • Increased Business Value from Data

    Increased Business Value from Data

    IGC helps your business get more value from data by guiding users to opportunities that use and manage it more effectively so that it has a greater impact on your business.

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  • Data Migration

    Data Migration

    Efficiently manage all aspects of large, complex data migration projects.

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  • Data Quality

    Data Quality

    A highly cost effective approach to data quality improvement.

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  • Information Governance

    Information Governance

    Maintain timely, complete, and accurate data across all of your business systems.

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  • SAP S/4HANA Readiness Assessment

    SAP S/4HANA Readiness Assessment

    The BackOffice Associates SAP S/4HANA Readiness Assessment will provide you with a clear roadmap to align your business aspirations and technological capabilities.

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  • BackOffice Associates Corporate Overview

    BackOffice Associates Corporate Overview

    Whether monitoring ongoing information quality, or executing the most complex migration and governance initiatives, BackOffice Associates is the clear choice for customers.

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  • Modernize Your HCM Process

    Modernize Your HCM Process

    The Human Capital Management (HCM) edition of the dspCloud platform is a complete offering that automates the migration of data to modern cloud-resident HR systems.

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  • HR Data Strategy Session

    HR Data Strategy Session

    A custom assessment of your HR system will help determine your HR Data Readiness Rating.

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  • Data Assessment

    Data Assessment

    Identify existing data issues and understand their severity, impact, and scope

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  • Data Governance Processes

    Data Governance Processes

    Governance Policy Designs Combined with Execution and Enforcement on All Data in Your Business Systems

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  • User Experience Readiness Assessment

    User Experience Readiness Assessment

    The key to a successful user experience strategy is to be well informed and plan ahead with the right focus.

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  • User Experience

    User Experience

    If your business applications are not intuitive, personalized and tuned to the way users actually work, you will struggle to deliver real ROI.

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  • SAP Platform Migration

    SAP Platform Migration

    Our certified consultants will put you on the right path to support current and future business needs as you migrate and plan your path to S/4HANA.

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  • Integration Readiness Assessment

    Integration Readiness Assessment

    The BackOffice Integration Readiness Assessment will provide you with a clear roadmap to align your business aspirations and technological capabilities.

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  • Real-Time Integration

    Real-Time Integration

    In order to capitalize on new opportunities and keep ahead of your competitors, it is more vital than ever, to manage and monitor your complete end to end processes in real time.

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  • SAP S/4HANA Conversion Assessment

    SAP S/4HANA Conversion Assessment

    Starting an SAP HANA journey on the wrong foot, could incur many unnecessary conversions and migrations further down the line.

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  • World-Class Customer Support

    World-Class Customer Support

    Get 24/7 standard-to-customized technical support from BackOffice Associates.

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  • DB2 Connectivity

    DB2 Connectivity

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