The Central Hub for Enterprise Data Management - dspCloud

December 19, 2014

dspCloud is a central hub for enterprise data management in the Cloud offering data stewards a cloud-based solution that provides continuous access to strategic information governance content and data reference models.

The solution features a rich repository of industry best practice data quality analytics, reports, legacy system information and vertical-specific business content that can accelerate time-to-value in information governance projects, and enable collaboration across data migration, data quality and data governance initiatives.

Video Transcription:

The challenge of data governance, migration and quality. It's not simple. It's really hard. And when you look at the affect, it really comes down to two things. It comes down to the speed and it comes down to cost. And those both have an impact on the organization. They have an impact downstream. The quality of your data is a reflection of your organization. The way you look at the data really defines the organization and if in your projects, in your quality, in your governance initiatives you don't have the highest of data quality and you're not driving that in projects that are efficient, that are on-time, that are on-budget and that really affect, again the reality of your business, the cost impacts will be dramatic.

dspCloud is BackOffice's new cloud platform. What we've done with dspCloud, is we've taken 17 years of our collective knowledge, really our intellectual knowledge and our intellectual capital of our consultants and we really substantiated that in what we call content elements or content artifacts and we make those available through the cloud in a collaborative environment so customers can share, they can collaborate, they can work on pre-built content that accelerates their project and lowers their total cost of ownership.

And quickly what we find is its not just about moving 0's and 1's across the line, and if you don't take that approach and you know that the data actually has significant value and the rules and reports and the logic that we really have externalized in the cloud, that now is accessible by any of our clients through the cloud, 24/7, that they can collaborate on, they can really speed up the project, bring their systems up faster. They can have systems that operate better with the level of quality that really gets them to six sigma. I think that's really the effect that dspCloud has on the challenges that our customers are facing.

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