Do you have a true single view of your customer?

October 7, 2015

Marketoon_Single View of Customer Data

Your organization likely has a great deal of information about your customers. How confident are you in the quality of your organization’s customer data and your ability to apply that information to effectively engage them? Simply merging the customer data together into one system is not the answer, as you lose context and insight - rendering the validity of the data subpar.  

One retail customer was capturing customer data across 3 sources: 1) their brick and mortar stores, 2) website eCommerce platform and 3) their catalog division. With the data being siloed across separate systems, their customers were receiving duplicate emails, catalogs, etc. causing their unsubscribe rates to skyrocket. By putting a solution in place to proactively manage their data quality and accurately merge customer records, the company was able to create a much deeper, richer customer engagement experience - a true single-view of the customer.     

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