What is the best way for your organization to integrate data?

December 2, 2015


Data integration must be treated as a business process, and not just a technical exercise. A technical exercise will simply transfer your data from the old system to the new system (with minimal changes). Every issue from the old system is now resident in your new system, including duplicate customers, materials, products, and vendors, incorrect payment terms, wrong or missing tax information, incorrect banking details, and more. A solid plan for your data integration should always include a plan to clean all of your data and filter out any old data you’re not going to use again. This is also a great time to collect missing data and harmonize the entire data set to make it relevant to your business processes.

The NBA wanted to provide their entire history of official statistics accurately and in one place for their fans to access. This meant having a website that was able to provide access to 65 years’ worth of official statistics. Making their vast collection of statistics available to more than 450 million fans worldwide, along with providing the optimal digital experience, was previously not possible. Moving to SAP HANA enabled the NBA (website) fast data loads that allowed them to add new statistics following every game. For the very first time, fans have direct access to a league’s entire history and its entire database of situational stats.

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