[Customer Story] Australand

February 20, 2013

Thrusting skywards in the heart of Melbourne is 357 Collins Street, a commercial building that is in the throes of refurbishment. The project is being carried out by publicly listed Australand, one of Australia’s leading diversified property groups.

The 357 Collins Street project, which will see the 24-level building refurbished to an A-grade office with lower floor retail space, is routine work for Australand’s commercial and industrial division, one of three divisions of the company.

Not so routine for the property developer was a major refurbishment of its IT systems, which involved switching from an existing ERP platform to SAP. At the heart of that undertaking was a complex data conversion effort lasting 14 months.

Key IT and Business Challenges

  • Replace aging and loosely integrated legacy systems
  • Migrate from Timberline ERP system to SAP
  • Carry out custom integration of SAP REFX (real estate management) with CRM
  • Identify issues, and where possible, improve data quality during the migration process

Highlighted Benefits

  • Boring Go Live data migration achieved in a timely manner
  • Graphical view of migrated data highlighted formatting issues early in the migration process

Why BackOffice Associates?

  • Our repeatable approach and solution enabled multiple dry runs before system go-live


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