[Customer Story] Maersk

June 20, 2014

Maersk is a global company operating in over 143 countries. They are involved in four major business segments: container shipping, APM terminals, tankers and offshore operations, oil and gas exploration and related activities. Since 2000 when Maersk purchased SeaLand, it has dominated the worldwide shipping market. The size and scale of the new global operation made cost avoidance and reduction a priority and in 2005 a worldwide SAP rollout began to help streamline operations and establish global business process and master data. Maersk North America was the fourth "cluster" to begin migrating their data to SAP in 2007.

Key IT and Business Challenges

  • SAP migrations from other Maersk regions had significant data quality issues
  • Little knowledge in the business and IT teams about SAP migrations at Maersk NA
  • Inconsistent master data across seven different business units all with individual needs
  • Global rules do not address local requirements

Highlighted Benefits

  • 34,000 vendor records managed with 300 changes weekly at 100% accurate data 
  • 50% fewer steps and effort to add vendors
  • Rollout of our solution to 12 additional countries with no increase in staff

Why BackOffice Associates?

  • Management team at Maersk NA would not accept substandard data quality on go-live
  • SAP expertise was needed to help assess data readiness
  • Go live date was only seven months away and could not be moved
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