[Customer Story] Kerry Group

June 12, 2015

In 2013, Kerry Group connected with BackOffice Associates. Kerry Group saw similarities between their process and the methodology and solutions proposed by BackOffice; however, the BackOffice approach was more sophisticated and allowed them to automate many of the pain points they had been experiencing.

The BackOffice solution gave Kerry Group a central place to manage their data migration, with a single, consistent reporting process.

Key IT and Business Challenges

  • Change data migration process from mostly manual to completely automated with a single solution and interface
  • Improve loading of data for all users
  • Facilitate the data validation process
  • Quicken the data reconciliation process

Highlighted Benefits

  • File validation efforts which previously took days of work for multiple resources have now been entirely automated
  • Data load success rates in SAP of up to 90% are achieved now in early mock cycles due to upfront validation
  • The entire validation process now takes 5 hours rather than 24 hours
  • Configuration issues are identified weeks in advance of loading, instead of during load cycles

Why BackOffice Associates?

BackOffice Associates provided Kerry Group with a methodology and solution that improved and automated the data migration business processes, helped bring them back to normal operating standards more quickly, and improved and validated their overall data quality. The BackOffice team proved that they had the business knowledge and innovation to ensure a successful migration.

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