[Customer Story] EFCO Corporation

January 1, 2013

EFCO Corporation, a Pella Company, is well known for its glass windows, sliding doors and curtain wall systems. The company also manufactures aluminum window units, entrances and storefronts for commercial architectural applications. EFCO’s projects have included historical replication work, custom design work, as well as new construction.

EFCO Corporation’s headquarters in Monett, Missouri support an IT staff of nearly 90 people. EFCO’s IT department is responsible for the company’s major technology systems including software, hardware, network and telephone systems. Part of this responsibility includes managing data traffic between different systems that support EFCO’s analytics, manufacturing/finance and product information. EFCO established various database silos — systems and applications that ran on one particular database — but discovered that there were instances where they needed to source data from a different system in order to answer queries, run reports and still be able to support various business applications involved in their fenestration manufacturing process. In addition, they needed to do this in real-time to support sales, customers and executive management.

Key IT and Business Challenges

  • EFCO Corporation needed the ability to access data quickly
  • Much of the reporting required direct access to manufacturing systems, which affected the processing power of the systems
  • Communicating directly with the production systems increased overhead, slowing down manufacturing processes, hampering inventory availability and reducing sales

Highlighted Benefits

  • Processed several hundred thousand mirrored transactions daily
  • Ability to easily replicate and transfer data between different databases and platforms

Why BackOffice Associates?

  •  BackOffice Associates provided a solution that suited EFCO based on price, functionatility, ease of installation and maintainability
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