[Customer Story] Zurich Insurance

November 3, 2015

In its evolution, into a global insurer, Zurich developed or acquired a large number of ERP systems. While these tools were designed to meet local regulatory or financial reporting requirements, they often used differing data standards. Through migration with a bespoke tool set, this made it difficult to identify conflicting business rules or create effective and reusable reconciliation reports, making reuse between country deployments or for data cleansing impossible. To remedy this Zurich decided to implement an integrated data migration tool set that could better identify, harmonise and remediate these differences, and govern data quality in the target solution.

As the program involved deploying multiple waves in parallel, Zurich needed an easier, repeatable, traceable and fully auditable migration process. BackOffice offered exactly what Zurich needed — automation, prebuilt content, reusable templates and expert services. Through proactive data assessments and active management of the data cleansing and reconciliation process, BackOffice helped Zurich enhance and govern all aspects of data migration.

With BackOffice’s support, local data migration leads now have a reliable tool and 24/7 access to useful reports that help business users correct (or exclude) rules and value mappings well in advance of final go-live approvals. This ability to collaborate has resulted in a dramatic improvement in data quality and predictable data migration results. 

Key IT and Business Challenges

  • Smoothly migrate 23+ different ERP systems to a single, central SAP FI (financial accounting)/CO (controlling) and BW (business warehousing) solution
  • Quickly and reliably cleanse and integrate data from these legacy systems into the new target system
  • Meet timeline and budget requirements
  • Improve data quality and implement a sustainable data governance capability
  • Implement best practices across projects including reusing business rules and technical data mapping

Highlighted Benefits

  • Significantly reduced migration implementation time 
  • Re-usable best practices and target-design driven validation reporting
  • Ongoing visibility into data quality improvements based on reporting and remediation validations
  • Real cost savings generated by reducing external consultant spend
  • Accurate, business-ready data to support business critical applications
  • Confidence in BackOffice’s delivery of strategy, architecture, audit, cleansing and additional data related functions


  • Using proven data assessments, core tools and resources, harmonized load cycles and standard reconciliation reports, BackOffice Associates helped Zurich deliver consistently successful data migration results, improve data quality and control costs.
  • All general ledger and non-general ledger data was reconciled and signed off with higher than 99% accuracy.
  • In the UK, during an 8-month period, Zurich cleansed 14 years worth of legacy data across 3 business units — 230 million data items with more than 99.9% accuracy.
  • For Zurich Mexico Santander — a joint venture with Santander Bank — Zurich migrated all legacy data from multiple source systems without a direct connection. 
  • In 2014, Zurich spent 7% less on data migration efforts, compared to 2013. 

Why BackOffice Associates?

Zurich selected BackOffice based on their proven record of success with complex information governance projects. Zurich saw how the BackOffice approach reduced risks and controlled costs through automation, prebuilt content, reusable templates and expert services. Additionally, by leveraging the business rules enforced throughout the migration process, Zurich is now also able to achieve sustainable data quality. 

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