Complete Stewardship [Whiteboard Payday]

December 2, 2016

When making a decision on how best to enforce data policies there are lots of options and approaches, ranging from manual options and ad-hoc processes, to light touch technology investments to full blown data governance and stewardship implementations.

The reality is that no one way is correct and no one way is incorrect. The key to making the right decision around how to enforce data policies is choosing the right tool for the job. The right tool may be determined based on the cost of a solution relative to the value of the data, the underlying problem and immediacy of the need for a solution, the ease of use and maintenance of the solution or some combination of all three. There also may be other factors, for instance, one organization may use a hybrid approach where they use data objects, division or some other logic to split the work of enforcing data standards and policies across multiple solutions.

In this Whiteboard Payday episode, we explore this concept of complete stewardship and how a hybrid solution can be relative to your business.

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