Set and Enforce Policies [Whiteboard Payday]

November 18, 2016

Ensuring a tight coupling between the setting of policy and the enforcement of those policies for data is key to driving your business forward.

When looking at effective policy setting, it is crucial that the policies that are set are purposely set that way. Maybe the purpose is to further a business objective or maybe it is to adhere to a government regulation. Regardless, choosing what policies to set and what policies matter is important.

Without having a tight coupling to the enforcement of those policies, all of the great work throughout the policy design and setting process will be for naught. Linking policy setting and policy enforcement not only ensures the effectiveness of those policies, it also drives the behavior and implementation of the more technical solutions within an organization’s enterprise architecture. For instance, if the most important data policies to an organization are around the lifespan of data, then solutions that enforce archiving and retention policies would make sense as an initial investment.

In this episode, we take a story from the world of sports in explaining the importance of having a tight linkage between the setting and enforcing of policies.

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