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3 Key Success Strategies for Global HCM Data Migration [Webinar]

December 12, 2014 Webinar Recordings

In this on-demand webinar, hear BackOffice Associates Senior Consultant, Ryan Oder, discusses three success strategies from Merck's acquisition of Shering-Plough. The project consolidated 110,000 employees across 92 countries onto a single global HCM instance.

Unique Aspects of Global Deployments

  • In multi-phased releases, new data must be integrated with live data
  • Shared structures must be standardized and harmonized
  • Local legacy data sets must all support global template
  • Project team is divided into global and regional sub-teams

Three Key Data Challenges

  • How will countries be added to the global solution?
  • How and when will shared data structures be aligned across countries?
  • How will the countries participate in the data conversion?
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