DBTA 100 2018 - VIEW FROM THE TOP: BackOffice Associates

June 14, 2018 Rex Ahlstrom


Businesses are rapidly transforming their business models and operations as they tap into the power of digital technology to achieve unprecedented innovation and process excellence. To drive desired business outcomes from these initiatives, data must also be transformed to support the new environment. This often includes adopting modern business suites like SAP S/4HANA®, digitizing and streamlining core business processes, and ensuring compliance with critical regulations like GDPR.

At BackOffice Associates, we help companies implement information governance initiatives that manage data as a business asset—drawing on decades of experience with some of the world’s largest and most wellknown brands. By pairing our award-winning Data Stewardship Platform™ and Information Governance Cloud™ with highly skilled professional services for all major industries, we help companies establish best practice data policies that yield business-ready data across complex landscapes and a direct link to the overall business strategy.

Data expertise now exists everywhere across an organization and savvy businesses are applying the concept of crowdsourcing to information governance to engage the full span of cross-departmental business users. This approach allows them to tap into business users’ collective knowledge for greater company-wide impact.

Crowdsourced information governance aligns with our philosophy at BackOffice Associates—to empower business users to more easily and effectively utilize technology to execute data-driven business processes. As data landscapes are expanding and continually shifting, our Deep Guidance™ technology blends machine learning, natural language processing and best practices to guide businesses toward improved uses and management of their data. Ultimately our end goal is to enable organizations to increase the value of corporate data for business transformation initiatives.

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Rex Ahlstrom

Rex Ahlstrom, Chief Strategy Officer at BackOffice Associates, has over 28 years of technology industry leadership experience. He specializes in enterprise software within the data integration and information management space. Rex is responsible for BackOffice Associates’ current product strategy, marketing and technology in addition to analyst engagement and partnership development.

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